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                                                CANCER MEDS

                                           1. Email us at LTBS@lotrain.com or mike@lotrain.com
                                           2. Include:

                                         a) Brand name of medication - All of our cancer medications are

                                         BRAND and PATENTED; WE DO NOT SELL GENERIC MEDICATIONS

                                         b) Strength in milligrams for each tablet or capsule (dose) 

                                         c) How many tablets or capsules you take a day (Total daily dose)

                                         d) How many tablets or capsules you would like to order

                                           e) Kindly provide your correct email address and telephone number
                                           so we can contact you by email or telephone
                                           1. View our websites by typing LoTrain.com or HarrowsRaven.com 
                                           in the ADDRESS BAR
                                           2. Give us a description of the medication you are looking for (Go to                                                                              our page of medications showing those we which we stock at                                                                                           present); if you do not see it there, kindly ask us whether we are able                                                                              to obtain it.
                                           3. Delivery time; all packages will be delivered by Overnight or 2nd
                                           Day Priority (USPS) and insured for the correct amount.
                                           4. They will be delivered to your home, business address (NO                                                                                          P.O. Boxes), or Private Mail Box (PMB), and must be signed for. 
                                           5. Payment arrangements 
                                           6. We do not give price quotes until we contact you. Prices are                                                                                          constantly fluctuating on the global marketplace and we want to offer                      
                                           you the lowest prices possible.
                                           We keep our prices low following the methods listed:
                                           1. We do not accept credit/debit card payments
                                           2. We use payment arrangements which incur the lowest costs,
                                           such as Direct Deposit to our bank (LoTrain Business Services), Low                                                                              Cost Money Transfer Services, and Money Orders (USPS or Western Union). 
                                           We thank you for visiting our websites: LoTrain.com and                                                                                                  HarrowsRaven.com and hope that we may help you in your time of need.

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